Would you be opposed to electing Police Officers? We already elect our Lawmakers, why not elect our Law Enforcers? This would undoubtedly eliminate a lot of the racial tensions in cases involving the Police Departments in America. 

Currently the Police Departments have no way of being held accountable by the communities that they Police. If an unarmed man is shot and killed, that officer is only held accountable by his/her superiors. Nonetheless, this is supposed to be a free society. A Government For the People, by the People. A Representative Government. How is it possible that we elect the LawMakers, those who literally create the laws, but we do not elect those who enforce the laws. At the very least the people of each district should elect all Police Captains, Lieutenants and all upper Managements, leadership positions. The Government is supposed to represent the community from which they create laws for, therefore the Police Departments should represent the communities from which they enforce laws over. Otherwise some areas of American society are living under tyranny, authoritarianism.

What if a Police Officer walks into your home without a warrant and tells you to strip down naked? Who holds that Officer accountable, his superiors who he works with everyday, his superiors who do not know you at all. Let’s say the officer says it didn’t happen that way, and you invited him in. Now this is a clear violation of the 4th amendment, however, what power do you as the citizen have in this situation. No power at all. Yet, if we elected the upper management, the leadership, you would have the power to Vote them out and vote in new leadership who would investigate these claims more thoroughly and hold that said officer accountable for his/her actions. 

Theordore Roosevelt envisioned this exact type of police force that I am explaining. One that is of the community, by the community, a part of the community. The goal of Law Enforcement should be to bring peace and how do you do that without equal power. I am for power to the people, all peoples. Limited Government Oversight and freedom to the people. This is what I believe will bring peace to this land and finally help mend some of the racial tensions in this country.