I don’t believe we will ever heal race relations in America until we are all able to truly acknowledge the truth of the past. Slavery is America’s original sin, free labor for hundreds of years, rapping, kidnapping, child abuse, lynching, killing, words honestly can not do justice to the atrostrocities that have been committed against Blacks in America. The righteous thing to do would be to give us some kind of a breadcrumb to aid at repairing and mending the wrongdoings.

My reparations proposal is simple, it is very similar to that of the Military Housing Program. All Black Descendants of Slaves will be given by the United States and opportunity to purchase a home without a Down Payment. The Government would foot the bill on the Down Payment of the home. Now, the home can be of any size, but you must qualify based on your income. No credit check necessary, income based qualification. All buyers are only allowed to have one home loan with this legislation at a time. However, the loan can be used over and over again once paid off.

The biggest reason Blacks are behind in the wealth gap in America is home ownership and business ownership. Black Americans lack the capital to start a business, if it requires purchasing the building and Black Americans on average lack the capital for a down payment on a home. This program would almost immediately mend the wealth gap, without having to transfer wealth from one party to another, it simply adds many Black Americans to the Middle Class and Upper Middle Class along with their White counterparts.

Believe it or not, I stole this idea from then Senator Kamala Harris who proposed it, but she lacked the will to follow through with it. As a member of the United States House of Representative I would advocate for this legislation daily, it is a shame that there is almost 50 members of the Congressional Black Caucus and not one of them has even offered a Reparations Bill or Plan at all for Black People.