“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” What would you call someone who has reigned over you, made decisions on your behalf, creating laws, implemented laws and had them enforced over you for over two decades? I’d call them a tyrant, a Dictator, believe it or not that is essentially what we have in most of American Government Politicians. Mitch McConnel and Nancy Pelosi have been members of Congress longer than I have been alive.

Term Limits are essential. I would say that they are more important to the wellbeing of the American public, than anything else. I’d say with the passage of Term Limits this country could be turned around for the better within the next two elections cycles. I would propose that no member of the House of Representatives be allowed to stay in office longer than the President, that’s a maximum 8 years or 4 terms and for the Senate 2 terms or 12 years in office maximum. This would take a ratifying of the Constitutional Amendments but I am confident that the American people are ready to see fresh faces in Congress.